How To Create Your Wedding Seating Plan

Worried about your wedding seating plan? Worry no more, because here at Pretty White we’ve got it covered with our top tips on how to do it with style. By the time we’ve finished, you’ll be well on your way to getting it all perfect, so read on for some great advice from the best wedding services in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lothian’s!

Who Do You Want At Your Table?

Firstly, if your friends are people you’ve known for many years, and they’re the kind of people who’ve stuck by you through thick and thin, then you’ll want them close by. With this in mind then you’ll probably want them seated next to you at the wedding reception. Whatever shape your tables are, gather your best friends close to you around on the bride and grooms table. On the other hand, if there isn’t enough room for them on the wedding couple’s table place them at the third best table with their partners and other friends of theirs. Traditionally, the top table should usually be for the wedding party only, a second for the parents and the third for your best friends. Of course, you can change this around, after all this is your wedding, so you decide who sits where.

Be Methodical and Take Your Time

If you want to be as accurate as possible and plan well ahead, you could start creating a spreadsheet. Insert columns with lists of your guests that will naturally include friends, family and all your friend’s family. This should make organising the seating arrangements a little easier, as you can tick them off as you break it down into individual table arrangements.

If It Helps, Get Your Paper and Pens Out

You can even draw picture diagrams if it helps, draw circles or squares for the tables on paper and write all the names of the people who will be sitting at each particular table. Use different coloured pens for each table, so you can help remind yourself of who is on each table.

Who Sits At The Head Table?

This is entirely up to you and what sort of wedding you’re having as well as your preference for who will sit at it. Traditionally, the head table isn’t usually round, but rectangular and long. The wedding couple will sit at the centre with the best man at the bride’s side and maid of honour next to the groom. However, again, do it your way, you can have your bridesmaids next to you if you’re the bride, or just a table for the wedding couple alone if you prefer.

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