Things To Do On Your Wedding Day That Help Reduce Stress

Yes, we know, the one thing you’re going to be doing on your wedding day is getting married, how hard can that be? Well, yes, you’ll be getting married on your wedding day, but you may find it hard to celebrate if you’re still taking care of everything else. You’ll be wanting to make sure your guests are entertained and lively throughout the celebrations, but you also want to enjoy everything you’ve put together and celebrate your most important day together so far. In today’s post then we’re going to be looking at the type of things you can do on your wedding day to help alleviate the stress.

Eat and Energise

Firstly, one thing you may think is abundantly obvious, however we’re still going to say it. Make sure you eat. Your wedding day is going to be one long and active day throughout, therefore making sure you eat a healthy breakfast is crucial. Take a break from the last-minute arrangements and have a meal. It doesn’t have to be a large and heavy meal, it can be something that is light but with carbs, fruit and protein to give you energy for the rest of the day.

The little things matter

Next is to make sure you’ve sorted out the details, those small things that seem so unimportant but will really matter once your day is underway. Create a small area where you can place all the things you’re going to need to help get you through it. Things such as wedding perfume, your clothes, comfy ones to wear while you’re having your hair and makeup done. Then get your bags packed ready for the honeymoon with everything you’re going to need, don’t leave it until the last minute. When you’ve got all those finer details sorted, you can enjoy the bigger details better.

Time alone with your new husband is a must.

During the day you won’t have much time for your future husband, because you’ll be surrounded by people all day. Therefore, make sure you make time to be alone with your new husband after the ceremony. Once you’ve had those few moments alone together you can enter the fray once again feeling refreshed and ready to charm your guests.

Mobile Phones

You want to be completely present on your big day so why not leave your mobile phone in the bridal suite and answer everyone's lovely texts of congratulations the day after. 

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