Choosing the Right Wedding Venue Decor

Deciding the theme and decorations for your wedding venue is a big decision, you want to make it personal and you want to make special. You have a million other things to think about for your big day, but it is worth taking the time to consider carefully how you want your wedding reception to look and feel.


Before you make any big decisions regarding the decoration of your wedding reception it is important to have decided what the overall colours for the wedding are going to be. You will no doubt have early on decided what the colours for bridesmaids dresses are going to be, this may well inform the colour palette for the rest of the wedding day and how you will decorate the venue.


In days gone by the standard centrepiece for a wedding was traditional floral style. However, nowadays brides like to think more creatively to showcase their personal style on every table. Create a more personal touch with flowers, candles, photos and any other props that reflect the theme and the happy couple. Another option is to include an ice-breaker on each table to get your guests interacting with each other to create a sociable, fun and friendly atmosphere.

Place Cards & Table Settings

Plain white cards with each guest's name is traditional, but a little unimaginative. It is a great idea to find somewhere to print place cards that match up to your wedding invitations for some continuity in the theme. Again, you can get creative with the design of the place cards to offer some personality, putting your own stamp on even the small details of your special day.

Create a Romantic Atmosphere

Ensuring the right atmosphere at your wedding is a big consideration for couples to make for a fantastic experience for them, their families and the rest of the guests. Lighting plays a big role in setting the tone, you can create a really intimate atmosphere as the night draws in, this can be achieved even earlier in winter to create a candle lit dinner for two feel. Flowers can of course add to the romantic feel, not just as centrepieces as we've already discussed, but throughout the room, often accompanied by candles or small lights.

Unusual Wedding Decorations

We have already mentioned candles as an atmospheric lighting option, however, using lanterns can add something a little different to the feel of the room, whether they are metal or paper. You may wish to opt for something that will add a little character to the room such as decorative birdcages, costume jewellery on tables for guests, metallic balloons or even indoor trees and plants that are decorated for the occasion to reflect your theme.

Speak to the Wedding Venue Decor Experts

If you're having problems deciding what theme would work best for you or simply want to explore the options available, then get in touch with our expert team. We can talk you through the choices and ensure you find exactly what you are looking for, providing a comprehensive wedding venue décor service.