Why Choose an LED Sparkling Dancefloor for Your Wedding?

We’re going to be talking about LED sparkling dance floors, something we know a great deal about because we hire them out as part of our services. If you’re unsure as to what they are, and are therefore not completely convinced they’re right for your wedding, then read on. 

Your Wedding Should Be a Special Day

Of course, you want your wedding day to be special, and with the perfect ambience and interiors you’re guaranteed a really memorable event. If you’re trying to create something that will add style and magic to the venue that coincides with everything else you’ve chosen, then a LED dance floor is the final cherry on the cake. It’s ideal for any type of winter wonderland, Christmas or magic themed wedding. However, if you really want a starlit wedding aisle or dance floor, then you can have a sparkling LED dancefloor at any time of year.

An Easy to Install LED Dancefloor Can Transform Your Venue

We hire LED dance floors to weddings with a range of uplighters so the venue is transformed into something truly special. You can even have a love arch, with LED lights, and of course the traditional wedding aisle or floor. You can have it as part of your wedding reception, or as part of the evening’s entertainment, it doesn’t take long to install, usually as little as 20 minutes. The quick turnaround of the installation means you can welcome guests to your evening venue and the lighting will be in place ready.

Set the Mood, Set the Scene

A LED floor at a wedding adds a really beautiful feel to the venue, whether it’s during the day at the ceremony or during the evening at the night party. It sets the mood, and you can have control over the lights themselves, so they’re either static or flash and twinkle. They can also be controlled at which speed they light up at so you could have them match your first dance and set a romantic tone to the evening. 

Never Underestimate the Power of Lighting

Lighting is always crucial at any wedding and must never be underestimated with the ability to transform a room. They can make a venue seem bigger or smaller, romantic and celebratory, light and bright, or darker and moodier. A LED dancefloor can add the right amount of light where it’s needed as well as a little fun and sparkle.  Along with our other wedding and event hire products, you’re guaranteed a special, memorable day.

Let Pretty White Help to Deliver a Fantastic Wedding Day

If you’re looking to light up your special day then get in touch with us here at Pretty White and we can discuss your options. Make your wedding celebrations something to remember with a LED dancefloor.