Advantages of having a wedding planner

Planning a wedding can easily become a daunting task once you’ve set the date and you start planning the venue, bridesmaids and invitations. You’ll start to realise how much you really have to deal with. It’s not easy, there’s so much to think about, no matter how far in advance you start planning. A wedding planner could be the answer, but what are the advantages?

You’ll have someone who can help you stay on track and run the whole thing smoothly. You can ask questions about how you’re going to plan certain aspects of your wedding and he or she will have all the answers, because this is what he/she does. They’ll be able to help you keep things on schedule, and that will include your invitations, the speeches and introductions, right down to when you toss your bouquet.

Any disasters – yes, it’s a possibility there’ll be one or two of those if you’re unlucky, but with a wedding planner, that’ll be his/her job to sort out. Cake falls apart, or perhaps the dress is damaged or the wrong number of chairs are delivered, or the style of the aisle just isn’t right. All you have to do is leave it in the hands of your competent wedding planner and all will be well. As you can imagine, this lifts so much of the stress of wedding planning, that you’ll recommending the idea of a wedding planner to any of your friends who are getting hitched in the near future.

And there’s the flexibility, you can have someone who just does certain aspects of your wedding while you do the rest, perhaps on a part time basis. It’s entirely up to you whether you’re fully hands on or if you want to hand over the reins to your wedding planner.

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