Great Wedding Favours for Under A £1

So, before we go on let’s clarify, what are wedding favours?
Wedding favours are small, modest gifts given as a mark of appreciation by the wedding couple to their guests. They’re usually given out during the ceremony itself or at the wedding ceremony. This is an old tradition and is quite in vogue at the moment. Question is, if you’re having them at your wedding, how are you going to afford it?

Well we think we’ve found the answer by coming up with great wedding favours for under a pound.

Jars or Mason Jars

You can get these relatively cheap from a pound store. Get them with the lids and then use stickers or a permanent pen and write each guests name on them. You could also stick a tealight in each one too.


You could buy some popcorn bags small ones for a £1 each and write the name of each guests on them. They don’t have to be fancy and you can personalise them any way you want.

Water Bottles

Personalise them with name labels. You can just put their names on and a simple thank you. It’ll help keep them hydrated throughout the ceremony.

Mini Jar Candles

The same ideas as the mason jars, but these will come with their own candles, they can cost as little as a pound each, and again you can place name labels on each one.

Candy and Sweets

Similar to the popcorn idea but with sweets or candy. You can get small bags for as little as a pound and you can name label each one.

Bags of Goodies

How about a small bag of individually wrapped little goodies? You can slip in a couple of after eights, a couple of luxury shortbreads and one or two marshmallows. This will be a really nice little surprise which you can name label, and it’ll help keep your guests’ sugar levels up on the big day.


This is a novel idea. How about some flower seeds? You can write something on a bag of seeds, like ‘watch our love grow,’ or ‘watch our love story bloom,’ or anything along those lines. They can plant them within days of your wedding, and it’s a nice gesture for them to remember your day.

Tinned herbs

Same again for you to remember your big day. An old recycled tin which you can individually wrap some herbs in that are ready to be planted. Again, a great souvenir and reminder of your big day.

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