Considerations When Choosing a Supplier For Your wedding

Our wedding industry has seen an explosion in new events suppliers over the last 12 months, especially through social media outlets such as Facebook. With our industry currently being unregulated it makes it really easy for anyone to start their own business. You can simply create your own social media business page, give yourself a business name and use readily available event photographs off the internet that easily creates an image which replicates any type of business at next to no cost. The next easy step is to promote money saving hire packages and extremely low cost saving promotions which instantly attracts the attention of potential customers, giving extremely high interaction levels. We do realise that a healthy variety of suppliers is good for the customer market and in fact our industry, which in turn keeps the market competitive and provides more choice.

Pretty White now receives around 10 enquiries a week from customers who have taken these unbelievably low offers and promotions and requesting our help and advice. These customers have already parted with deposits and occasionally full payment, only to be let down with only weeks, sometimes only days remaining until their big day. We as a company over the last few months have witnessed couples being left stranded with cars not turning up, cakes not arriving, LED dance floors being cancelled and the list goes on and on.

We also understand that there are really good new event companies in the market with fresh ideas, which is good for our industry and combined with relatively low overheads can offer cheaper hire items. These companies are though, few and far between to find and shall offer our experienced view on how to potentially recognise a good supplier from a bad one. The most important and simple question can only be answered by you the customer. Do you choose suppliers by who are well established, have a trading history, a registered business, good customer service, reliability and positive customer feedback etc or do you choose suppliers simply on price alone ?

Choosing an established business will more than likely cost more, due to the overheads incurred in operating such a business; with premises, staffing costs, insurances and the quality of customer care in comparison to a company with none of the above. Choosing any supplier for your big day always carries a risk, however the current trend appears that more customers are concentrating more on suppliers who supply the cheapest quote rather than the quality of items, service or more importantly reliability. With the increasing number of these really low promotions and offers available it also portrays a false sense of pricing levels within the industry and even makes the competitively priced suppliers appear expensive.

At Pretty White we are continually being asked to reduce our prices in accordance with these extremely low priced suppliers. This is because potential customers are recognising the strength in our service, reliability and reputation, however as much as we would love to lower our prices to this same level for our customers, we simply cannot. Like many other quality suppliers will agree, a high level of service comes at a cost and at Pretty White we refuse to reduce our quality of service in order to compete with these low prices. We do understand that pricing and budget play a huge part in planning your special day and every customer deserves the right to shop around for the best prices to suit their requirements and budget but please consider the risks. When making your decision it is important that you understand the value behind the quality of service and reliability that you seek.

* Check your potential supplier has a registered business address and landline phone number.

*Always visit the stated business address.

* Avoid meeting only at your venue.

* Check their work history, customer feedback and testimonials.

* Request to see your item or items in person and avoid photographs only.

* Check they have the required public liability and other insurances.

* Check customer forums for recommendations.

* Check around various suppliers to obtain a good idea of price levels.

Ensure you request your hire agreement and check carefully.

Pretty White offer our own cost saving packages and believe all of our pricing is competitive and reflects our effort, attention to detail and quality of service that goes into our work. Our company has overheads which include a showroom, distribution warehouse, fully trained staff, company vehicles and our insurances for events that have to be incorporated into our pricing.

'If it seems too good to be true, it usually is!'

Steven Rintoul, Managing Director, Pretty White.

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