Questions To Ask Before You Book a Wedding Planner

If you’re planning on using a wedding planner, then it’s just as important to ask the right questions as it would for any other service you’re thinking of using. That’s why today, we’re going to be talking about the right questions to ask before you book a wedding planner.

Because your wedding day is the most important day, we believe it’s important to take each step, each decision as carefully as the last. You want your special day to go smoothly, surrounded by those you love, and of course the partner you’ll be spending the rest of your life with.

You Want Someone Who’s a Good Fit

Your wedding planner should be able to put you at ease and make you feel you’re in safe hands. You want somebody who’s lively and inquisitive, with plenty of questions of her own for you so she/he knows exactly what you want for your big day. The relationship needs to be a good fit so don’t go with a planner you don’t feel comfortable with. Someone who doesn’t want to listen to your ideas, take over and tell you what you should be having or has no references to offer should have alarm bells ringing in your head. You also want someone who’s willing to sign an agreement.

What You’ll Pay, Budgets and Availability

You need them to be available on your wedding date so check this out first, you’ll also want to know the cost of their wedding plan, how much do they normally charge clients on average? Check if there’s a minimum budget they’re willing to work with. Will they help you to stay within your budget?

What Sort of Services Do They Offer?

Is it full service or is it just coordinating the actual day or a complete vision of the entire event, such as styling? Make sure it’s clear what they provide, whether it’s both coordination and design or just one or the other.

Do They Have Experience?

It’s best to choose wedding planners with plenty of experience, that way you’ll feel like you’re in safe hands. Weddings are an emotional and personal event, and you want someone who’s had experienced of this.

How Many Weddings Are They Working On?

You may find it useful to know how many other weddings they’re working on at the same time as yours. If they’re juggling too many, then they may not be able to give you their full attention, although if your planner has enough people in the team, they may be more than able to handle more than one wedding.

How Do They Like To Be Paid?

You might want your potential wedding planners whether they handle payments themselves or via another vendor, they also may have a particular way of collecting the fee, such as a non-refundable deposit at the beginning and then perhaps the rest at the end, or they may prefer for you to pay in stages throughout the planning. Do they outsource to other professionals and if so, who do they prefer to work with, you want to be surrounded by the best people, so find out who they’ll be working with.

Most Unusual Wedding?

What is the most unusual wedding they’ve ever prepared? This will give you an idea of how creative, inventive and able they are. You’ll hopefully get a sense of how they like to work and how well they pulled it off. Ask them how they intend to pull off your special day and how they think they’ll plan it out.

How Many Meetings

How many meetings do they think they’re going to need, how will these meetings be conducted, will it be mostly via email or phone? Also, if they need you to see swatches, samples and pictures, how many face-to-face meetings will they need and how will these be arranged?

References and Testimonials

Finally, do they have any references and testimonials you can see? There’s nothing better than being able to see what others have to say about your potential wedding planner and how good they actually were. Ask if there’s any possibility of speaking directly to past clients and that way you can hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Check out our fantastic reviews that our previous couples have left us

Meticulous Planning of Wedding Services With Pretty White.

It certainly can be daunting when you’re looking for a good wedding planner, because it’s this person who you’ll trust to make your wedding day a huge success. You want an established and trusted organisation, with wedding planners you can trust - and Pretty White is certainly that. We can meet at our showrooms where you’ll be able to see first-hand our high-quality decorations up close. Check our site for our impressive reviews, then get in touch and we can get your wedding on the right track.

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