Must Have Items at Your Wedding Reception

What must-have items should you have at your wedding reception? Well today, you’re going to find out, as we explore the wedding reception spectacle that puts the full stop on your wedding day, and helps to celebrate that amazing day with friends and family. We’ve chosen 5 different items which will really make your wedding day celebrations feel that little bit extra special, and give people something to remember - for all the right reasons. And as Pretty White provide the best assistance you can imagine for your wedding services in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lothian, you’ve got it all going on – in the best way possible.

1 Firstly, Décor

Yes, it’s so important to set the tone, so don’t be afraid to choose whatever you feel is the best way of expressing your personality. Let your imagination run away with you – this is your day and it should be the best day of your entire life so far. Vintage is in, and if you’re on a budget this could also be really useful too. Ask friends and family if they have items from the particular theme or decade you’ve chosen for you wedding. They may have items lurking in their attic or spare room that could really add something different to your décor.

Perhaps outdoor areas need some work, so how about decorating the bushes and trees outside, creating some decorations yourself, or asking friends and family to create some, if they have the time. Homemade is so much more personal. Use accessories to help create the look, such as lanterns, lights, candles, and really set the mood. Potted flowers, wheelbarrows full of your favourite blooms with colours that match the colour themes of your wedding and reception.

2 Playlists

Get your playlist organised early so you can give it to the hotel or DJ before the day arrives. If you’re hiring live music rather than a DJ on the day, then make sure they have some decent, relevant music to play. You could have tunes that remind you of the day you first met, songs that are special and have meaning to the two of you. You could also get some song choices from your guests. Perhaps your mum would like a song from the year you were born? Anything is worth consideration so ask around.

3 Centre pieces

Choose a memorable centre piece for the tables, but not something that’s over the top, it’ll detract from the main event and create a talking point for all the wrong reasons. You could try anything really, if you want to leave the table alone, you could always do something to the chairs, tie their names to the chair on a piece of ribbon, and have each chair with a small bunch of flowers attached. You could have a generous piece on the main table consisting of flowers, not too large though, you don’t want something that completely hides the main couple. Then perhaps some modest flowers, smaller versions of the main table bouquet on the rest of the tables.

4 Free bars

Yes, there’s nothing that will make your guests feel jollier than a free bar where they can help themselves whenever they feel like it. It’ll keep the dance floor occupied and your guests can’t complain if their glass is never empty. And how about some signature wedding cocktails, or a punch perhaps? Something that’s all about you and your new partner.

5 To-die-for desserts.

How about a nice portion of something delicious and truly decedent for the dessert? There should be some great ones to choose from, perhaps a mix up of all your favourite desserts, and leave your guests to mix it up a bit. Delicious cakes, classic ones as well as some French delicacies and rich, luxurious chocolate creations! Leave your guests full up in the best most sumptuous and frivolous way possible!

Pretty White – first class wedding planners for Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lothian.

Let us help you with your wedding, to make it the most special day of your lives – as it should be. Leaving you without the stress and the perfect opportunity to celebrate your big day in style. We can help you make sure all your guests have the best time at your wedding, with everything from sweet carts to doughnut walls, from centre pieces to that all-important décor. Give us a call and let’s get that wedding planned.

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