Save The Dates and Wedding Invitations

When should you be sending out your save-the-date and wedding invitations? It’s so easy to get wrong, send it too late and people will have full diaries, send it too early and people may have forgotten about it. By getting it right you make sure people you’ve invited have a clear date in their diary for your big day – an invitation they can stick on their fridge door with a magnet, or pin up somewhere where they’ll find it.

Because we provide wedding services in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lothian’s all the time we realise how stressful it can all be, and getting your save-the-dates and wedding invitations out at the right time is important. This is one area we can really help with, but read on for our tips on how to get them out on time.

If your wedding day is a big affair, perhaps it’s abroad in a destination far from where you live normally, or if it’s something that needs a bit of planning, an unusual ceremony etc, then you may have to allow extra time for that.

A rule of thumb is that you should save the date invitations around 6 to 8 months before the day and of course as we’ve already mentioned, earlier if you’re going away to get married.

Only send your save the date invitation to those who are coming to the wedding itself. Always send invitations to all of your guests, even those who know they’ve been invited and have agreed verbally. Once you’ve sent them out that’s it, you’ll have to stand by your invitations, so be careful invite only those you want to come.

Information to be included should always have the date, which is obviously important, but the names of the couples too, and the venue and location. Your guests will have a good idea of what to expect and plenty of time to plan themselves and won’t be surprised once the official invitation arrives.

Any changes you make to your wedding along the way will have to be conveyed to your guests either by post or phone, making sure you clarify any changes clearly.

Of course, all of your final details will be incorporated into your wedding invitation which will give everyone all the information they need, this should include a map with directions, any accommodation in the area where you’re getting married, dress code, gift list and a link to your wedding website or landing page. That’s if you have one of course.

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We realise how stressful it can all be, even though it’s the most important day of your life it seems to be inundated with one task after another before you reach the most important day – your vows to each other. Here at Pretty White, we totally get this, and we can help and advise you with all aspects of your wedding including the dates you send out those all-important bits of information on your wedding. Don’t let seemingly less important details slip, because all of it’s important, so leave that part to us, we’ll do the worrying for you. Get in touch with one of our wedding experts today!

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