Everything You Need to Know Before a Wedding Fitting

You want your dress to be perfect, you want it to fit like a dream and you want to avoid any disasters. In order to avoid any last-minute nasty surprises, you want to make sure that beautiful dress you chose fits like a glove. So, this week we’re going to be looking at everything you need to know before a wedding fitting. And naturally because we’re the best wedding planners in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lothian, we believe that preparation and planning are crucial to making sure your wedding goes smoothly and crisis free.

The First Fitting

Firstly, let’s start with your first fitting. This should ideally be around 6 weeks before the big day. Bring a close family friend or member with you so they can give their opinions. Don’t forget to include those all-important accessories, your underwear and shoes and anything else you feel is important. Your fitting will obviously ensure your gown is the right size, colour and design. You want your neckline, sleeves waist etc to fit like a glove.

Here, You Can See Which Alterations Will Be Needed

You need to be able to spot where there are parts of the dress which need to be let out, taken in, lengthened or shortened. Any alterations should be noted on this first fitting. How does the dress fit, how does the fabric fall, and can you see any areas where the material bulges or puckers? Once your seamstress can see which alterations need to be made you can make a second fitting once it’s all done. You can have up to anything like 3 fittings, but 2 is the usual amount of times you have your fittings.

Undergarments, Shoes and Accessories

Before you have that all-important first fitting you want to buy all your underwear and undergarments first. This should include basics like bra and panty sets, body shapers, stockings or tights, and anything else you think you’ll need. Shoes are important to try on with the dress as you want to get the length absolutely right on your dress, so also buy these first.


Your bridal shoes help to determine the right length and if you are faced with the fact you simply haven’t chosen the right shoes yet, then it might be a good idea to take in a pair of shoes you already have that will be of the same heel height.

Headpieces and Veils

Try your headpieces or veils while you have the dress on to see how they look together. Do you know how you will be wearing your hair? Try the veil or headpieces with the hair up or down as you’ll be wearing it on your wedding day.

Second Fitting

Following your second fitting your dress should now be perfect and again, make sure you bring all your accessories, shoes and undergarments with you to try on with your dress on the day.

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