How to Decide on a Wedding Date

You and your partner are planning your wedding and you can quite decide on when to set the date. It’s not easy as you’ve got lots of other things to consider and exactly is the right time to have your wedding?

Be firm and assertive 

It’s best to list all the things you have to consider in helping you to decide on a date. There are lots of thing that could scupper your plans but be firm and assertive as you cross out certain dates and pick ones which are more suitable. You won’t be able to get the perfect day for every single potential guest you’re thinking of inviting, and that is one of the first things you need to consider.

You can’t please everyone

When you’re deciding on a suitable date, stop worrying about who can come and who can’t as you’ll never come up with a final date. You’re trying too hard and you can’t match everyone’s diaries for a suitable day. Just consider your family and close friends and that’s it. If no one else can come, at least the most important people will be there – those that matter most.

Think about the weather

Depending on where you live, certain times of year will be a no-no. However, that might change if you’re planning on a winter wedding, perhaps around the festive period, at Christmas and new year. And if you live in a part of the country where snow is guaranteed at this time of year, then it’s an ideal time to have your wedding.

If on the other hand you live somewhere in the UK where at particular times of year it does nothing but rain, you’ll naturally want to avoid this season altogether and pick a time of year when it’s preferably warmer and dryer.

Fancy an Easter wedding or one of the saint’s days?

You could also have your wedding on a particularly special day of celebration or holiday, perhaps if you’re Welsh you’ll want to get married on St David’s Day, or perhaps later in the month for St Patrick’s Day or possibly during the Easter holiday or even 4th July if either one of you is American.

Most of all try and be flexible, it’s important to remember that perhaps you can’t have exactly everything you want for your big day on the exact day you want it, but as long as you have the venue, the dress and each other, and you’re surrounded by friends and family, that’s all that really matters. Pick a day that’s the best out of a selection of dates you’ve taken a careful look at, and then start thinking about those invites!

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