Final Touches: Things To Do The Week Of Your Wedding

That last week before your wedding is going to be tense, you’ll be trying to get things absolutely right for that special day. What can go wrong? well nothing if you follow our guide on the final touches for your wedding in that crucial final week. We’ve got some great ideas that we think will make your few days go extra smooth! Because we’ve spent so many years working on wedding services in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lothian we have a pretty good idea of what wedding couples stress about in that final week, so we think we’re experts on getting those final touches just right!

As you walk into that final week, you’re bound to be thinking what last minute things are there for me to think about? Have you remembered to book the musician, do they know where the church is, did you manage to remember inviting your great aunt?

Call On The Support Of Your Family and Friends

There may be a great list that you’re starting to feel just a little bit scared of, but do not fear, you have a group of people around you who can help. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks because there’s nothing wrong with asking for support, asking for help is perfectly natural, and your friends and family will be more than happy to be asked.

Last Minute Wedding List Check

Look at your wedding list, have you ticked absolutely everything off? Is there anything you haven’t remembered, or any questions marks by some of them? Stay flexible as you go through the list, there’s bound to be some last minute stuff to sort out, so just take your time and relax. You’re on the home run now and you’re nearly there.

Try The Whole Outfit On and See How It Looks

Try your wedding outfit on, that’s everything, shoes, jewellery, veil or headdress and then practice walking down the aisle, make sure everything you have looks good and fits properly. Also, and this may sound odd, try visiting the bathroom in your wedding outfit, how difficult is it to manoeuvre the dress, shoes, underskirt etc.

Break Those Wedding Shoes In

Those wedding shoes may look stunning, but can you walk, stand and relax in them without feeling like your feet are about to implode? You’ll be wearing them all day, so make sure they fit well. Also, did you make sure they worked with your dress? Wear them for an hour a day, or every other day, and make sure you break them in and that they’re comfortable to walk around in on your big day.

Go Over The Details With Your Wedding Planner

Try meeting with your wedding planner or day coordinator to go over the details one last time to make sure everything is as it should be. Clear all your work deadlines so there’s nothing to stress about on or after the day, you want a clear run of stress free fun without worrying about deadlines and workload. Your wedding planner may be able to get on with some of the last minute details while you get your desk cleared, that way once the big day is here you can really enjoy yourself.

Clean Those Rings Till They Sparkle!

Try giving your rings (engagement and wedding rings)  a good clean and polish so they look good on the day. You want everything pristine, and your rings are just as important. You could have it done professionally by a jeweller if you can afford it.

Do You Know Who’s Coming?

Chase up anybody who hasn’t RSVP’d. You need to know who’s officially coming and who isn’t, you need to know the final count. If your invited guests turn up unexpectedly without having given you any indication they were coming, you could have guests standing throughout the reception. Make sure the stragglers get back in touch and officially notify you of their intention to come.

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We hope we’ve given you food for thought and some great tips to make that final week before your wedding go smoothly. We’re always on hand to help our brides to-be so if you need a planner to help your wedding and the weeks leading up to it to go smoothly, one of our expert advisors are here to help, so give us a call today.