Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Cars

Your wedding day approaches and now you’re focusing on the little details. Perhaps the wedding cars aren’t quite such little details, but it’s time to deal with this aspect of your wedding planning nonetheless. Today, we’re going to be talking about what things you need to consider when choosing your wedding cars and hopefully by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be able to make sensible decisions about what type of transport you’d like to use. 

Cars – before you book your wedding cars, make sure you see them first, that way you can avoid feeling disappointed when you do eventually see them, and it’s too late to change your mind. You can check how roomy they are inside – is it going to fit yourself and whoever it is that’s walking you down the aisle?

Fitting the dress and your family into the car

Of course, if you’re thinking about how everything is going to fit in your chosen car, you also need to consider the dress. It’s a good idea to practice sitting down in your dress after you’ve had the final fitting. Will you and all of the dress fit into the car, and don’t forget that if you have a train attached, a long heavy piece of fabric and another passenger, you’ll all have to fit in without damaging the dress.

Colours, theme, style

Think about the colours and which type of theme you’ve decided on when choosing your wedding cars, that way there’ll be no jarring clashes between the cars and the rest of your wedding theme. Style and colour are crucial in deciding how everything fits. A plain minimal car can accentuate your theme and nicely complement it without being too over the top, while a car can also fit in perfectly with your theme. Vintage cars will fit in with anything you’ve chosen, whether it’s modern or traditional, while any car you choose can be dressed to suit the theme in terms of colours with flowers and ribbons. 

Bridal parties, grooms and bridesmaids

If you’re having a more traditional wedding, then it’s natural that you’ll also have a wedding party. That also means you’ll have to take their transport to the wedding seriously too. The mother, groom and his party, and of course all your bridesmaids will need to travel to the venue, and naturally you’ll be wanting them to arrive in style and elegance. Think about the cars, how big they need to be, how they’re going to fit in with the rest of your wedding in terms of style and colour. 

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