Should I Invite Colleagues From Work to My Wedding?

If you’re planning your wedding and you’re trying to decide who you’re going to invite, it can turn into a headache very quickly. There’s always the danger of missing people out and causing offence. You also have the worry of whether or not to invite your work colleagues and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today. 

We naturally spend a lot of time around our work colleagues and it stands to reason you’d like to think about inviting some of them. It is possible to strike a balance between inviting some carefully chosen colleagues you’re particularly close to and inviting the entire office!

Apply common sense

Think about the kind of relationships you have with those you work with and think about the size of the office you work in and the dynamics. If the people you work with are close to each other physically, as well as having a close working relationship, then you’ll need to be careful who you invite as it will be abundantly obvious if you exclude someone. 

If there are a lot of people in that working relationship you don’t think you can not invite, then you don’t have to invite them to the entire wedding. They could be invited as a group to the service, or the party at night. There may be some colleagues you are closer to than others, you could easily invite just them to the ceremony and everyone else at night - that way everyone is included. 

What kind of office do you work in?

Is it a more traditional, professional group or is it a less formal relaxed group of people? Assess the situation in terms of who attends the ceremony and evening do with this in mind. You may want to segregate bosses to the ceremony, and more relaxed colleagues to the evening do where you can let your hair down in front of them without potentially embarrassing yourself. 

You can also see what your colleagues or friends did with their wedding. Who did they invite from work, how did they organise the invites, who did they invite to what? Did they exclude anyone and why?

Also keep in mind that some of your work colleagues will want to bring their plus one

It’s up to you whether you want to extend the invitation to them, but it might be more pertinent to do so with work colleagues you are close to who are attending the actual service. 

You have every right to be selective about which colleagues from work you invite

But don’t make a song and dance about it and shout it from the rooftops. If you make it a topic of conversation over lunch in the work canteen you could alienate people so be discreet. There’s no need for you to feel guilty about your selection but you don’t want to go out of your way to hurt people either. 

We hope we’ve helped with the big decision of who to invite to your wedding, when it comes to work colleagues, we know it can be difficult who to invite without causing offence and creating awkward situations. However, we hope we’ve helped to make it a little easier, at least it will have given you some food for thought. 

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