Saving Money With All Inclusive Packages - Is it Worth it?

Are you thinking of throwing caution to the wind and having an all-inclusive package wedding? It may mean sacrificing the unique element, but if you’re on a budget and you’ve seen the costs spiralling upwards, you may have decided that a package deal is the cheaper alternative. Question is though, is it?

Costs can spiral

If you do it on your own as you may have tried so far, you will have seen the costs spiral because once you’ve hired the venue, and everything else you might need, it’s an expensive project. It’s easy to conclude that an all-inclusive package will rid you of the expense and be much cheaper. However, this isn’t necessarily so.

A package could still be expensive

If you have a package with everything in it, then it might still turn out to be on the expensive side. What you also need to consider is choosing a packaging purely based on price because your budget is tight, and then realising that you need to add or pad it out a bit with so many last-minute extras, it may turn out to be more expensive. This can really add to the final bill, and your cheap wedding package could turn out to be double what you expected, 

Also, a package may not include absolutely everything you think it will and you’ll need to make sure you read the small print, again think of the added costs on top of the package price. 

Scale back your plans and still have a unique wedding

You can choose a wedding that doesn’t come as part of a package but simply scale it back and your guest list to something more affordable. Make sure you choose a venue that’s in line with what you can afford and is within budget. If you have a dream wedding in mind, it’s possible to do it outside of a package and keep it unique without the big spend. All this means is that you’ll have to think cleverly and make sure you have more time on your hands in order to find what you need to make this wedding work on a cheaper price tag. 

Are wedding packages all that bad?

If you think you’ll need to add things to the package once you’ve signed up to it, then it’s probably not the right one for you. As we’ve seen, the cost can go up considerably if you keep adding things on to the original package, so you wind up paying double what you originally paid. But, if you’re just going for the package and you’re not going to be adding to it too much, then it’ll probably work out cheaper for you. 

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