How to choose the ideal venue for your wedding.

Are you finding it difficult to choose your wedding venue?

You’ve the rest of your wedding to consider, and this is the one thing you’d love to get out of the way as quickly as possible. Choosing the right venue is difficult, but once you’ve selected it, the rest all falls into place.

There’s a certain satisfaction that while you’re still perhaps doubting the dress, or mulling over the menu, at least you’ve got the venue sorted. It’s the centre of everything your wedding is about. It’s where your guests will gather, your family and friends, so you want to get it right.

Choose a venue

You’ll firstly need to know how many people you’re going to invite, which will give you an idea of venue size. Your budget will obviously play a big part in whether you get the dream venue, and its ambience and style will also determine whether it fits in with your wedding theme. Remember there’s something out there to fit any couple, and it’s simply a case of spending enough time finding the right one. It may be low key with just close family members and friends, or it could be a full-scale large capacity venue where as many people as possible celebrate your big day.

Choose location

Choosing somewhere that everyone can feasibly attend is important. Take into account any elderly relatives who may find it difficult to go up and down any stairs or those who have to travel great distances.

Booking your event

Once you’ve found your perfect venue, the next question is, when should you book it? It’s advisable booking the venue around 2 years before the day of your wedding, at the very least don’t leave it any less than 12 months. The more popular a venue is the quicker it will get booked up, so it pays to book it now before it becomes unavailable. It can be especially hard to book if you’re thinking of getting married in the summer months, the peak summer wedding season, so factor this into your decision process.

Pretty White is here to help you plan your special day

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